Christine Zulehner - Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair - Professeure Titulaire de la Chaire Innovation & Régulation des Services Numériques.
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Since the dawning of internet telecommunications in the 1970s, higher transmission rates for more advanced applications have been a major objective. Current broadband data speeds are over a thousand times as fast as early dial-up narrowband Internet services, and ultrabroadband (1 Gigabit per second or more) will be another thousand-fold increase. Ultrabroadband will also be more bi-directional in media applications, allowing users to also become information providers. The technical complexities are large. On the business level, these developments require substantial investment in the access, backhaul, and wireless segments, create new risks (and rewards) and lead to enormous new competitive overlaps. On the applications and content dimension, entirely new uses and genres become possible. And on the network level, the increased utilization levels will put new demands on communications infrastructure.

Ultrabroadband moves us to the next generation of telecommunications.

The Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services Chair, aims to contribute to the exploration of technological, financial, regulatory, international, and content dimensions of the next generation of broadband -”ultrabroadband”- and the vast changes in mass media, consumer electronics, and information systems that it will drive.

Jointly with the Columbia Institute for Tele Information (CITI) at Columbia Business School and with the support of KT, Telecom Italia and Orange, the Chair organize a seminar on “UltraBroadBand : the next generation of infrastructure and applications”, in Paris, on April 3 and 4, 2008. It brought together regulators, operators and academic researchers from the United States, Korea and Europe to examine the perspective of “UltraBroadBand”.

Following this seminar, a special issue of Communications and Strategies Journal was edited in November 2008 as a contribution to the understanding of the emerging environment.

Another seminar, organized by KT, also took place in Seoul in November 2008, carrying on this work on UBB.



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