Christine Zulehner - Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair - Professeure Titulaire de la Chaire Innovation & Régulation des Services Numériques.
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Matthijs den BESTEN

Matthijs den Besten is research fellow at the Pôle de Recherche en Economie et Gestion of the Ecole Polytechnique. His research focuses on the regulation of information access in creative, ICT-mediated, activities involving many participants. It includes the analysis of practices that emerge among communities on the Internet as well as the analysis of the impact of access restrictions that are imposed on groups of collaborators or competitors in more experimental settings.

Recent publications:

Matthijs den Besten, Alessandro Rossi, Loris Gaio and Jean-Michel Dalle. Using Metadata Signals to Support Stigmergy. Workshop on Quality in Techno-Social Systems, 4th IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems, 2010.

Jean-Michel Dalle and Matthijs den Besten. Voting for bugs in Firefox: A voice for mom and dad?  In P. Akerfalk, editor, Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Open Source Systems, number 319 in IFIP AICT, pages 73–84. IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, 2010.

Matthijs den Besten, Paul A. David, and Ralph Schroeder. Research in e-science and open access to data and information. In Jeremy Hunsinger, Matthew Allen, and Lisbeth Klastrup, editors, International Handbook of Internet Research, pages 65-96, Springer, 2010.

Matthijs den Besten with Paul A. David and Andrea Pozzi, “Drivers of Individual Competitive Effort and Performance Improvements in Open Problem-solving: Evidence from the MatLab Contets”, October 2010.

Paul A. David and Matthijs den Besten, “Rivalry and the rules of the game in collective invention processes: Effort and performance by the ensemble of MatLab contest participants under alternative information access conditions” I&R Chaire Discussion Paper, January 20, 2010 [presented at SIEPR SocSci & Tech Siminar, Stanford]; revised May 2010 [at DIME workshop, Sant’Anna School, Pisa]; October 2010 [at Project Workshop, Paris].

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