Christine Zulehner - Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair - Professeure Titulaire de la Chaire Innovation & Régulation des Services Numériques.
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The Disruption Dilemma

Jun ’16
5:00 pm

Joshua Gans, Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto, will present his new book “The Disruption Dilemma” on

Tuesday 28 June
From 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Amphi B310
Télécom ParisTech
46 rue Barrault
75013 Paris

Professor Gans’ remarks will be followed by a roundtable discussion led by Nicolas Curien, Member of the CSA, Marc Bourreau, Professor of Economics at Télécom ParisTech, and Eric Paroche, partner at Hogan Lovells.
The seminar will examine the notion of “disruption” through the lens of economics, regulation and competition law. The roundtable discussion will be followed by a cocktail.

This conference is organized by the Innovation and Regulation in digital services Chair in partnership with Hogan Lovells.
This seminar is free. Please confirm your attendance.

Leveraging Technological Change: The Role of Business Models and Ecosystems

Jointly with University College London and the Centre de Recherche en Gestion (CRG) de l’Ecole Polytechnique, the Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services Chair organized a research workshop in London, last March 19th, on the role of business models and ecosystems in leveraging technological changes.The aim of this workshop was to identify and foster new approaches to the traditional question of relationships among stakeholders in a given industrial sector : which role of new modes of governance, new ways of thinking cooperation and sharing of competences, and the role of innovation in fueling and transforming traditional partnership and creative processes.

Academics from the UK and France debated on this issues.

See the programme of this workshop and abstract of the presentations.

Innovative Business models in the digital economy

Dec ’09
9:00 am

The digital economy is in search of new business models. More and more often, the new services are offered while at the same time, the sustainability of their operation is not guaranteed: the innovators are in search of the formulae which will allow to put in front of the production cost of these services, the incomes which the market will be able of generate.

Furthermore, on more and more activities, various business models are tested. Competition between business models is emerging: the competition is slipping from the services themselves to the business models which can reveal a solvency of the consumers and extract revenues. Innovations relate to the business models as much as the products and the services themselves. The innovation in products and services, organization processes, and markets structure now have to be combined with the innovation in the business models.

On December 18th, 2009, the Chair organsed a seminar with two objectives:

- First to address innovation in terms of business models, to analyze this emerging market of business models, to address incidentally the question of their protection and to attempt to characterize the business models involved the digital economy;

- Secondly, to produce an analysis from two types of markets responding to different logics, the European and Chinese markets.

The comparison of the cultural environments of the business models should constitute an interesting field of study, not only for the analysis of innovation processes in the business models, but also for the identification of the structures which can allow their classification.

This seminar is organized by the I & R Chair with participation of Beijing university.

Programme and presentations

Open and distributed innovation

Jun ’09
4:00 pm

PREG-CRG organized with the Innovation and Regulation Chair its 20th seminar on innovation.

Paul David, Professeur titulaire, Chaire Innovation et Régulaton des Services Numériques-Ecole Polytechnique et Telecom ParisTech and Professor of Economics (Emeritus), Stanford University & Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research gave a presentation on :

Open and distributed innovation: Developers’ motivations and stygmergic coordination in large Libre software projects.

B. Coriat was discussant