Christine Zulehner - Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair - Professeure Titulaire de la Chaire Innovation & Régulation des Services Numériques.
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October 2015

Lecture(s) d’écran. Thierry Baccino, Université Paris 8, Directeur scientifique du Laboratoire des usages en technologies de l’information Numériques (LUTIN).

Comment mesurer l’attention des utilisateurs. Sylvain Senecal, Co-directeur, Professeur, Département du marketing, Tech3Lab, HEC Montreal

La montée de l’économie de l’attention, Kevin Mellet, Economiste, Orange Labs, Sense;

La mise en marché (des mesures) de l’attention. Thomas Beauvisage, Orange Labs

Culture et médias au défi de l’attention. Mesurer la valeur de l’attention. Philippe Tassi, Directeur général adjoint chez Mediametrie-eStat,

L’attention plurielle et ses métriques. Dominique Boullier, Professeur, Directeur du MediaLab, Sciences Po,

La guerre des attentions. Eric Scherer, France Télévion

October 2014

Concurrence et régulation dans les marchés de plates-formes. Prof. Marc Bourreau. Telecom ParisTech. Presentation at the conference organised by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

Stratégies et modèles d’affaires des plateformes : principes et applications. Thierry Pénard. CREM-CNRS, Université de Rennes 1 & M@rsouin. Presentation at the conference organised by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

Plateformes et données personnelles : vices et vertus de l’autorégulation. Fabrice Rochelandet. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. Presentation at the conference organised by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

Enjeux de régulation d’entreprises “cruciales”. Marie-Anne Frison-Roche. Professeur des Universités, Sciences-Po (Paris). Presentation at the conference organised by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

Plateformes multi-médiatiques ou Comment Internet redistribue les cartes ? Prof. Nathalie Sonnac. Université Panthéon-Assas. Presentation at the conference organised by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

La Multiplication des Plateformes dans l’industrie des jeux vidéo. Thierry Rayna. Novencia Business School Paris. Imperial College London. Presentation at the conference organised by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

Les plateformes d’information : vers de nouvelles régulations ? Prof. Alain Strowell. UC Louvain. Univeristé Saint-Louis, Bruxelles. Munich IP Law Center. Avocat au Barreau de Bruxelles. Presentation at the conference organised by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

June 2014

Big Data, Cloud Computing, macroimplications and EU privacy regulation. Prof. Federico Etro, Ca’Foscari University of Venice. Presentation at the Conference organized by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

Competition and Personal Data. Paul Seabright, Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST). Presentation at the Conference organized by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

The EU concept of Personal Data. Claire Levallois-Barth. Telecom ParisTech. Presentation at the Conference organized by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

Providing a consistent legal framework to ensure Privacy and Data protection for Big Data and the Cloud. Nicolas Dubois. EU-Justice. Presentation at the Conference organized by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

The Law and Economics of Intermediaries of Personal Information. Giacomo Luchetta. Center for European Policy Studies. Presentation at the Conference organized by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

Data 4 Development. Nicolas de Cordes. Orange. Presentation at the Conference organized by the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

January 2014

Evolutions of the video games ecosystems. Report of the presentations and débates of the conference organzed by the Innovation & Regulation Chair in December2013.

Competing with Privacy. Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Andres hervas-Drane.

In Google we trust ? Roberto Burguet, Ramon Caminal, Matthew Ellman.

Price Discrimination in a Two-sided Market: Theory and Evidence from the Newspaper industry. Charles Angelucci, Julia Cage, Romain de Nijs

Platform Openess Strategy. Yutec Sun.

Dynamic Network Competition. Hanna Halaburda, Bruno Julien, Yaron YehezKel

Price competition in two-sided markets with heterogeneous consumers and network effects. Lapo Filistrucchi, Tobias Klein.

One Sided Access in Two-Sided Markets. Marianne Verdier.

Increasing returns to information in digital music downloads. Nestor Dutch-Brown, Bertin Martens.

Information Asymmetry and Contracts in the Record Music Industry. Maya Bacache-Beauvallet, Marc Bourreau, François Moreau.

The Times They Are A-Changing: Examining the Impact of Social Media on Music Albim Sales and Piracy. Thomas Frick, Dimitros Tsekouras, Ting Li

Social Networks and the Demand for News. Lisa George, Christian Peukert.

Game of Platforms: Strategic Expansion in Two-Sided Markets. Sagit Bar-Gill

Asymmetric Neutrality Regulation and Innovation at the Edges: Fixed vs Mobile Networks. Jay Pil Choy, Byung-Cheol Kim

Net Neutrality and Inflation of Traffic. Martin Peitz, Florian Schuett.

Multimarket Contact, Competition and Broadband Provider Entry. James Prieger

Spillovers Effrcts of Wiring Scools with Broadband: the Critical Role of Children. Robrigo Belo, Pedro Ferreira, Rahul Telang.

Investment in Broadband Infrastructure Under Local Deregulation: Evidence from the UK Broadband Market. Nadine Fabritz, Oliver Falck.

Building Incentives in Markets with Products Complementarities: The Case of Triple-Play. Joao Macieira, Pedro Pereira, Joao Vereda.

Fixed-Mobile Substitution, Termination Rates and Investments. Steffen Hoernig, Marc Bourreau, Carlo Cambini.

Who Should Pay for Two-way Interconnection? Sjaak Hurkens, Angel Lopez.

Mobile Call Termination and Collusion under Asymmetry. Edmond Baranes, Stefan Behringer, Jean-Cristophe Poudou.

Spillovers in Networks of User Generated Content. Michael Kummer.

Playing both Sides of the Market: Success and Reciprocity on Crowdfunding Platforms. David Zilichovsky, Yael Inbar, Ohad Barzilay.

Sited, Sighted and Cited: the Effect of JSTOR in Economic Research. Michael Ward

When is Building a Library Consortium Beneficial? Doh-Shin Jeon, Domenico Menicucci.

December 2013

Business models and trends in the evolving market for video games. Laurent Michaud

Business models in (re)construction in the video games industry. Giuditta de Prato, Claudio Feijoo, Jean-Paul Simon

On creativivity and business models in the video games industry. Peter Zackariasson

An empirical analysis of blockbuster video games. Joe Cox

The European ICT poles of excellence. Giuditta de Prato

September 2013

The theory of reflexivity facing and backing regulatory practice through the mirror of digital development. Nicolas Curien

June 2013

Radio et numérique : stabilité, mutations ou nouvel âge ? Report of the conference organizesd by the Innovation & Regulation Chair.

February 2013

Vers l’entreprise numérique. Club des maîtres d’ouvrage des systèmes d’information

Aligning Alignment with Strategic Context: A Literature review. Kari Hiekkanen, Janne J. Korhonen, Elisabete Patricio

An Enterprise Architecture and Data Quality Framework. Jerome Capirossi, Pascal Rabier

Business Models, Symbionts and Business Ecosystem: A Case Study from E-commerce Industry in China. Wei Wei, Wuxiang Zhu, Guiping Lin

Can Agile Collaboration Practices Enhance Knowledge Creation Between Cross-functional Teams ? Carine Khalil, Valérie Fernandez, Thomas Houy.

Chromatic Scales on our Eyes: How User Trust in a Website Can Be Altered by Color via Emotion. Jean Eric Pelet, Christopher M. Conway, Panagiota Papadopoulou, Moez Limayen.

Digital Value Chains for Carbon Emission Credits. Ichiro Satoh.

Enterprise Architecture: beyond business and IT aligment. Marcel Lee

From a strategic view to an engineering view in a digital enterprise. The case of a multi-country Telco. Hervé Pacault.

From Organization Design to Meta Organization Design. Rolande Marciniak.

GrammsAds: Keyword and Ad Creative Generator for Online Advertizing Campaigns. Stamatina Thomaidou, Konstantinos Leymonis, Michalis Vazirgiannis

Interoperable Systems and Software Evolution: issues and Approaches. Norman Wilde, Sikha Bagui, John Coffey, Eman El-Sheikh, Thomas Reichherzer, Laura White, George Goehring, Chris Terry.

Managing Extended Organizations and Data Governance. Eric Buffenoir, Isabelle Bourdon.

Use Case: Business intelligence “new Generation” for a “Zero Latency” Organization (when decisional & operational BI are fully embedded. Fernando Iafrate.

November 2012

Menaces, Confiance et Technologies. Jean-Luc Moliner

October 2012

Advertizing in Media Markets. Martin Peitz

Online accessibility of academic articles and the diversity of economics. Timo Boppart, Kevin E. Staub

The Effect of the Internet on Product Quality in the Airline Industry. Itai Arer, Eugene Orlov

The effect of Internet Distribution on Brics-and-mortar Sales. Andrea Pozzi

Geographic Access Rules and Investment. Marc Bourreau, Carlo Cambini, Steffen Hoernig

Investment and capital structure of partially private regulated firms. Carlo Cambini, Yossi Spiegel

Net Neutrality, Foreclosure and the Fast Lane. An empirical study of the UK. Laure Nurski

Competition enhancing regulation and diffusion of innovation: the case of broadband networks. Harald Gruber, Pantelis Koutroumpis

Why Mobile Networks Prefer High Termination Rates: An Exploration of Strategic Delegation. Steffen Hoernig

Multidimensional Product Design. André Viega, E. Glen Weyl

The Role of Beliefs in Platform Competition. Hanna Halaburda, Yaron Yeheskel

Crowdfunding: Tapping the Right Crowd. Paul Belleflamme, Thomas Lambert, Armin Schwienbacher

Upward Pricing Pressure in Two-Sided Markets. Paulinne Affeldt, Lapo Filistrucchi, Tobias J. Klein

Delineating Markets for Bundles with Consumer Level data: The Case od triple-Play. Pedro Pereira, Tiago Ribeiro, Joao Vereda

The interplay between network investment and content quality in the Internet. Edmond Baranes

Internet Interconnection and Net Neutrality. Jay Pil Choi, Doh-Shin Jeon, Byung-Cheol Kim

Congestion Pricing and Net Neutrality. Bruno Jullien & Wilfried Sand-Zantman

Competition and Provision of Complementary Open Source Software. Markus Reisinger, Ludwig Ressner, Richerd Schmidke, Tim Paul Thomes

How Does Advertizing Influence Media Competition ? A Two-Sided Market Perspective. David Henriques

Program Quality and Exclusive Provision. Anna D’Annunzio

Sources of ICT spillovers, Absorptive capacity and Productivity Performance. Ana Rincon, Michela Vecchi.

The impact of telecommunications technologies on competition in services and goods market: Empirical evidence. Vahagn Jerbashian, Anna Kerchanova.

Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity and Transitory Dynamics. Justus Baron, Julia Schmidt.

Digitization and the Music Industry. Joel Waldfogel

And the Bands Payed On: Digital Desintermediation and the Quality of New Recorded Music. Joel Waldfogel.

September 2012

Internet of Things: a new space for creativity? Pierre-jean Benghozi

Internet of Things: Challenge or Technological Fetishism, Marie-Pierre Besnard, Frédérique Alfonsi.

The Internet of Things, Legal Aspects. What Will Change (Everything)… Eric Barbry. Présentation Conférence Chaire I&R

The Internet of Things, Legal aspects, Eric Barbry. Communications & Strategies Publication

How can the Internet of Things help in overcoming current challenges and make healthcare sustainable, Jérôme Couturier, Davide Sola, Cristina RAICIU, Scarso BORIOLI. Présentation Conférence Chaire I&R

How can the Internet of Things help to overcome current healthcare Challenges, Jérôme Couturier, Davide Sola, Giovanni Scarso Borioli, Cristina Raiciu. Communications & Strategies Publication

Halos Networks Paving the Way to Internet of-with Things, Antonio MANZALINI, Vânia GONÇALVES, Roberto MINERVA. Présentation Conférence I&R

Halos Networks : A competitive way to Internet of-with things, Antonio Manzalini, Roberto Minerva, Vânia Gonçalves. Publication Communications & Strategies

Extending the Internet of Things, Gilles PRIVAT. Présentation Conférence Chaire I&R

Exteding the Internet of Things, Gilles Privat. Communications & Strategies Publication

June 2012

The Tragedy of the Patent. Simon Forge

Patent and possible failures in the digital world. Lessons from the patent wars. Jim Bessen

Patent in China. Dr Yang Yang

Introduction to Patent Strategies. Yann Ménière

Patent Strategies. Dr Claudia Tapia

What are the main strategies to manage a patent portfolio ? George Whitten

From Patent date to information tool: Assessing India as an innovation collaboration partner. Daniel Nepelsky, Guiditta de Prato.

New insight into firm level innovation. Benjamin Mitra-Kahn

Patenting Strategies. Global R&D Network – Monica Magnusson

Global Innovation Network – Daniel Nepelski, Giuditta de Prato

Use of Network Patent Analysis (NPA) for advanced analysis of patent data – Mike Lloyd, Doris Spielthenner, George Mokdsi

Mesuring patent quality and radicalness of patent filed by region – Hélène Dernis

The EP-INV dataset db and preliminary results – Andrea Maurino

April 2012

Net Neutrality with Competing Internet Platforms. Marc Bourreau, Frago Kouradi, Tommaso Valletti.

March 2012

Net Neutrality and Innovation at the core and at the edge. Carlo Reggiani, Tommaso Valletti.

December 2011

Etat des lieux de la presse numérique, Jean-Marie Charon

Media and content industry : newspaper publishing case study, Andra Leurdijk

Novembre 2011

Digital distribution – programme of the conference on Novembre 3rd, 2011

International Multichannel Trends – Strategies and Trends – Pr Dr Gerrit Heinemann – November 3rd, 2011

Les Enjeux du Multicanal  pour les Réseaux de Franchise – Guy Gras – November 3rd 2011

Les nouveaux parcours client – Médias sociaux & Mobiles -  Thomas Stenger – November 3rd 2011

Franchise et stratégies multicanal – Gérard Cliquet- November 3rd, 2011

Crosscanal et Innovations Services – Nespresso France – Julien Morel – November 3rd, 2011

Comment le site Internet d’une enseigne modifie le comportement de ses clients en magasin – Regine Vanheems – November 3rd 2011

Octobre 2011

Presentations at ICT 2011

Online Advertizing and Privacy – Alexandre de Corniere, Romain de Nijs – June 20, 2011

Joint Customer Data Acquisition and Sharing amond Rivals. Nicolas Jentzch, Geza Sapi, Irina Suleymanova.

Attention Retention: Targeted Advertizing and the Provision of Media Content. Greg Taylor

Acquisition, Entry and Innovation in Network Industries – Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Lars Persson and Joacim_Tag- ICT 2011 Presentation

Evidence on the impact of R&D and ICT Investment and Productivity in Italian Firms. Bronwyn H. Hall, Francesca Lotti, Jacques Mairesse.

ICT Use and Labor: Firm-Level Evidence from Turkey – Hilal Atasoy.

IT and Productivity in Developed and Developing Countries – Jason Dedrick, Kenneth l. Kraemer, Eric Shih.

Net Neutrality, Boon or Bane for Free File Sharing Service ? Tong Wang.

Exclusive Contents and Next Generation Network – Juan Jose Ganuza, Maria Fernanda Viecens.

Regulating one side of a two-sided market : the French advertizing ban on prime-time state television. Lapo Filistrucchi, Luigi Luini, Andrea Mangani.

Aggregators, Search and the Economics of New Media Institutions – Lisa George, Christiaan Hegendorn

Understanding the Effects of Violent Video Games on Violent Crime – A. Scott Cunningham, Benjamin Engelslätter, Michael R. Ward.

Platform Competition under Asymmetric Information – Hanna Ha Iaburda, Yaron Yehezkel.

Network competition with income effects – Thomas P. Tangeras

R&D coordinations in standard setting organizations: The role of consortia – Justus Baron, Yann Ménière, Tim Pohlmann.

The dynamics of protection and imitation of innovations – Emeric Henry, Francisco Ruiz-Aliseda.

Taste for exclusivity and intellectual property rights – Dominik Grafenhofer, Christian Kiedaisch.

Essential Patents and Standard Dynamics – Justus Baron, Knut Blind, Tim Pohlmann.

Role of access charges in the migration from copper to FTTH – François Jeanjean, Julienne Lang.

Investment, Dynamic consistancy and the sectorial regulator’s objectives. Duarte Brito, Perdo Pereira and Joao Vareda – ICT 2011 presentation.

Access Rules and Investment Incentives – David Sauer ICT 2011 presentation

Can access price indexation promote efficient investment in Next Generaion Network – David Henrique ICT 2011 presentation

Does the growth of the mobile markets cause the demise of fixed networks ? – Anne-Kathrin Barth, Ulrich Heimeshoff.

September 2011

Mobile Gaming – An Overview of the Ecosystem – Claudio Feijoo – Expert Workshop – Paris – September 14th, 2011

The Economics of the video games industry – Jean-Paul Simon – September 13th, 2011

Updating Business Models: Innovation through Online Games – Giuditta de Prato – September 13th, 2011

March 2011

Three fundamental trends structuring digital economics and its challenges. Franck Lirzin & Stéphane Reiche

Complexité tarifaire, pouvoir de marché et régulation. Le cas des télécommunications. Lilia Rebaï, David Flacher

The investment and innovation dilemma in regulation: Theory and international experiences. Christine Müller

Dynamic (In)consistent Antitrust Enforcement and Cartel Infringement Antitrust and Cartel: A Differential Game Approach. Mehdi Feizi

Does Public Contrat Law meets Accounting? A comparative analysis of the Judge’ litigation on contract performance (France-USA).  Thierry Kirat, Laurent Vidal.

Margin Squeeze Strategies in the Telecom sector: a comparative analysis of the US and European competition-case law. Frédéric Marty

How Firms interact and perform in the ICT ecosystem? Antonin Arlandis, Stéphane Ciriani

Intangibles and accounting structures in regulated industries: conceptual framework and practicies. Giuseppe Marzo

Complementarities, intangibles and the Corporate accounting system: an economic map for industrial relations. Yuri Biondi, Pierpaolo Gianoccolo

February 2011

Culture-médias & Numérique – Nouvelles questions de concurrence(s) – Concurrences_3-2011 – Revues des droits de la concurrence – Abstracts from the presentation to the conference – February 8th 2011.

Le numérique : enjeux des questions de concurrence.
Anne Perrot, Vice-Présidente de l’Autorité de la Concurrence

Quelles formes d’exclusivités pour les contenus audiovisuels ?
Pascal Wilhelm, avocat, cabinet Wilhelm & Associés

Marchés de plates-formes et intégration verticale
Xavier Wauthy, Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis, CORE, Université catholique de Louvain

Infomédiaires et éditeurs de contenu : entre coopération et concurrence
Franck Rebillard, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3

Les nouvelles intermédiations techniques: l’exemple des jeux vidéo
Jean Paul Simon, European Commission – Joint Research Centre Institute for Prospective Technological Studies – IPTS

Agrégation, référencement et infomédiation. La place des agrégateurs dans les nouveaux marchés : le cas de la vidéo
Laurent Sorbier, Directeur général de MySkreen

Convergence numérique et redéfinition des marchés pertinents : quel partage des rôles entre politiques de concurrence et régulation sectorielle ?
Frédéric MARTY CNRS –GREDEG (Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis)

La pratique des autorités de concurrence face à la révolution numérique
Olivier SAUTEL (Microeconomix), Chercheur associé à l’OFCE

Mutations des réseaux et effets sur le marché des contenus.
Thierry Pénard, Université de Rennes 1, CREM, Marsouin

November 2010

Duties of care for Internet Service Providers. Prof. Dr. Nico van Eijk, Catherine Jasserand, LL.M.

September 2010

Economic Growth and the Design of Search Engines. Gilles Saint-Paul

Privacy Regulation and Online advertising. Avi Goldfarb & Catherine Tucker

The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Search Rankings. Zsolt Katona, with Ron Berman

The Attention Economy of Search and Web Advertisement. Alexander White, with Kamal Jain

June 2010

Economics of Malware: Security decisions, Incentives and Externalities. Working Paper. Michel J.G. van Eeten, Johannes M. Bauer

Moving towards balance. A Study into Duties of care in the Internet. Prof. Dr. N.A.N.M. van Eijk, Prof. Dr. T.M. van Engers, Mr. C. Wiersma, C.A. Jasserand LL.M., W. Abel LL.M

Google Books : le risque du Private Ordering en l’absence de régulation. Alain Strowel

Quelle stratégie pour les éditeurs ? Le cas suisse. Philippe Gendret

Une synthèse sur les modèles économiques du livre numérique. Françoise Benhamou.

Les modèles d’affaires : cœur des stratégies dans les industries de contenus. PJ Benghozi.

Les nouveaux modèles économiques du livre numérique. Marin Dacos

May 2010

Social Attention. Bernardo A. Huberman

Febrary 2010

Modèles économiques d’un marché naissant. Françoise Benhamou, Olivia Guillon

Decemer 2009

Google Books: quel futur pour l’accès aux livres ? Une bibliothèque universelle en devenir ou une future galerie commerciale ? Alain Strowel

E-Commerce business models in China. WANG Shengzhi

Business model of QQ-IM in China. Xiaodong HAI

The emergence of content distribution innovative business models: the case of online artists and viral advertizing. Remi Douine

C2C, B2C: new business models or the ubiquity of 2.0 paradigm. Henri Tcheng, Isabelle Denervaud and Jean-Michel Huet

IPTV in France. Orange Content Strategy. Stefane France

Development Trend in Digital City in China. Dr Chen Jinqiao

Business models in Mobile TV. Vincent Grivet

Online Business Models in the Banking Industry. Konstantinos Liakeas.

Innovative Business Models in the Digital Economy. Chinese and European Ways. Laurent Gille

Internet of Things and Mobile Commerce in China. Ting-Jie LU

June 2009

ICT Interoperability an eInnovation. Urs Gasser.

The So’ware Interface between Copyright and Competition Law. A legal Analysis of Interoperability in Computer programs. Ashwin Vanrooijen

Interoperability, Open Standards, Free Software after Microsoft. Carlo Piana.

The Microsoft Case. Cecilio Madero-Villarejo

Monetizing Business Assets in Multisided Markets : An Economic Perspective. Bruno Jullien.

How to Licence Interoperability? A start-up perspective. Mikko Välimäki.

Fragmentation vs Interoperability. Jean-Pierre Temime

DRM Misuse. Nocolo Zingales.

Some ITU-T standardization topics and related interoperability aspects. Marco Carugi

May 2007

What is the Network Neutrality debate about ? Marvin Sirbu

Net Neutrality, Unbundling or do nothing ? Tim Wu

Network Neutrality and Consumer Welfare. J. Gregory Sidak

No Share of the Internet is Neutral. We need a variety of outcomes. Bob Briscoe

What is the full cost of Net Neutrality ? Richard N. Clarke

Net Neutrality and Prioritization. John McCarthy

Net Neutrality. A Network Operator’s Perspective. Roland Doll

Net Neutrality: an issue in Europe and France ? Marc Lebourges