Christine Zulehner - Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair - Professeure Titulaire de la Chaire Innovation & Régulation des Services Numériques.
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Moving Towards Balance A study into duties of care on the Internet

Prof. Dr. N.A.N.M. van Eijk, Prof. Dr. T.M. van Engers, Mr. C. Wiersma, C.A. Jasserand LL.M., W. Abel LL.M.

University of Amsterdam, 2010

Commissioned by the WODC (Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum), research has been conducted on duties of care on the Internet, more specifically from the perspective of Internet service providers. Internet service providers currently find themselves in the spotlight, both in a national and international context, with regard to their relationship both with governments and other private parties, on for example questions of (civil) liability. This research focuses on duties of care as concerns the relationship between government and Internet service providers. When such a duty of care does not exist, whether or not duties of care have been developed for others along the value chain between providers of information services and end-users, including Internet service providers, was examined.

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