Frank Verboven - Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair - Professeur Titulaire de la Chaire Innovation & Régulation des Services Numériques.
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Digital Services Platforms Regulation

Timing and Territory


Timing and Territory : this is the formula proposed by Bruno Lasserre, adopted and discussed by our guests at the conference organized by the  Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services Chair, to summarize two key questions that regulators are called to respond to apprehend the phenomenon of digital platforms.

During this conference, we welcomed:

Pierre FOREST, Métaboli, Cédric O’NEIL, 1001 Pharmacies, Marc LEBOURGES, Orange, Chairman of the ETNO Working Group « Competition Policy », and for a round table of regulators : Bruno LASSERRE, President, Competition Authory, Sébastien SORIANO, President, ARCEP, Nicolas CURIEN, CSA Member, et Edouard GEFFRAY, Secretary General, CNIL

Their presentations will be on line very soon on the website of the Chair as well as an extensive summary of the discussions.

- 1001 Pharmacies, MarketPlace de produits de santé. Cédric O’Neill

- Les GAFA et le marché du jeu vidéo. Pierre Forest

- Platforms regulation. Marc Lebourges

Master IREN

The Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services Chair is a key support of the Master IREN (Network Industry and Digital Economy)

This M2 is managed by a multidisciplinary team from a partnership between Paris Dauphine University, Paris Sud University, Ecole Polytechnique, Supélec and Telecom ParisTech. Focused on economics and management, it is intended to train managers, consultants, contractors or researchers specialized networks and innovation. Partnerships with startups and incubators as well as large high-tech companies or public authorities (regulators) provide many opportunities in the digital, telecoms, energy, electronics, transportation, media and many service industries.

Joëlle Toledano and Eric Brousseau, members of the teaching team, will hold an “oral” on Campus Channel on Saturday, January 24th at 2pm.

Here is the link, single entry point before, during and after the oral.

8th ICT Paris Conference

9:00 am

The Economics of Information and Communications Technologies

Paris, October 2-3, 2015

The Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair will host the 8th conference on Economics of Information and Communications Technologies, in Paris, October 2 and 3, 2015. This conference will gather in Paris, October 2-3, 2015, academic researchers presenting theoritical, empirical as well as policy-oriented articles.

Tommaso Valetti (Imperial College London) and Matthijs Wildenbeest (Kelley School of Business) will be invited as keynote speakers.

The deadline for submission of full papers is June 15, 2015. The Chair will cover accommodation expenses for the participants presenting or discussing an accepted article. Participants can also apply for reimbursement of travel expenses..

See the Call for Papers

Economics of platforms

Oct ’14
10:00 am

The Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services Chair, organized, October 23rd, 2014 in Paris, a conference on:

“Economics of platforms: Regulating a dominant model?”

The economics of platforms and their regulation are today at the front of the stage: market expansion, domination of markets, innovation deployment, taxation, acquisitions, protection of personal data, diffusion of this model in industrial processes, etc. It is symptomatic that the concept is mobilized in different meanings in industrial economics, strategy and innovation management but also for new opportunities for regulation.

The digitization of the economy, having expanded from services to industrial processes, takes place through an economic and technical model which became dominant: the platform’s economy. It first appeared in economics of content and to address “economics of attention” and the issue of free services; but it is also used in the area of distribution, payment services, marketplaces, etc. Economics of platforms also spreads in several other service sectors and now the industry, particularly through logic modular aggregative and industrial production.

We had presentations from: Marc Bourreau, Telecom-ParisTech, Thierry Pénard, Rennes 1 University, Fabrice Rochelandet, Paris-Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Nathalie Sonnac, Paris Panthéon-Assas University, Thierry Rayna, Novancia Business School Paris, Alain Strowell, Saint-Louis University, Brussels, Benoît Thieulin, Conseil National du Numérique, Laurent Cytermann, Conseil d’Etat.

See the program and presentations

The Chair proposed that first one-day conference to understand the evolution of this economy and be prepared to understand the basis of possible new forms of regulation. A second conference on these issues will follow in early 2015.